This was updated 1st of July 2019

Here you’ll find information on what Nextblock is for and what policies you should be aware of.

What is Nextblock?

Nextblock is an exclusive network for founders in the crypto space. In our network members will share opportunities / requests, ask for advice, schedule meetups, market insights and more. Search for details on a specific member and interact with other members across Nextblock. All posts and replies are connected/grouped and structured so that you can have a proper conversation on a topic and not just a flow of messages. Plus, posts and comments are searchable so you can refer back to past discussions and questions!

Goals of Nextblock

Nextblock was founded as a group to cut through the amount noise of 2017. Our goal is to become the knowledge network for the crypto industry to look at for insights and direction. 

What policies do I need to be aware of?

All communications in the group should be written in a way that provides more context to members who would read them. They should be inviting to read and should encourage readers to respond. The following minimum information should be provided in the body of your message:

  • Current Location

  • Current Company

  • Current Role

  • Purpose for your request

  • Guidelines for posts

Meetups in Different Cities: If you are travelling to a different city, and wish to connect with local members, feel free to post.

Promotion of Products/Services/Tokens: Consistent with our previous policy, one email per quarter is allowed for a member promoting his/her product.

Promotion of Events: Emails about events should be limited to events that are a clear fit with the overall vision. Nextblock will also share exclusive tickets for upcoming events. 

Promotion of Tokensale or Funding Rounds: Any members who want to share their tokensale must become a “Next Member”. This will allow for direct promotion of any tokensale that Nextblock or Skygate Capital are not participating in to be shared with the investors.

Sharing Content: Articles should include something that states why the article is relevant, and members should be encouraged to include comments / questions, etc. There should be a clear reason why this article is being shared with the broader group.

The following types of content should not be sent out:

  • Unapproved requests for donations/fundraising (especially important for maintaining 501(c)(3) status)

  • Emails requesting capital/funds for a venture (unless relevant or shared by the syndicate)

  • Repeated emails for self promotion (typically, one email per quarter is allowed for a member promoting his/her product)

  • Requests for protected media/material (protected through copyright/membership/etc.)

  • Repeated emails (i.e. one member shares an article and a number of days later the article is shared again).

  • Members who repeatedly violate our policies regarding posting will be removed from the platform.