What is Nextblock?

Nextblock is a private community for crypto investors who want to stay a head of the curve and out of the noise. All of our members use our community platform to improve their investment decisions and have a better outlook on the market of crypto. No, we are not a “paid group”. Nextblock take a very different approach whereby we want our group to succeed together and share only the best most well research information.

Who manages Nextblock?

Nextblock was founded in 2017 by Connor Benoit-Milner and Cedric Waldburger. Connor is in charge of day to day operations of the group and will be the best person to get in contact with for any questions and enquiries. connor.milner@nextblock.io

Can you find me trading opportunities?

Nextblock have a team of analysts covering the crypto markets. No, we can not guarantee that every suggestion will be a success trade for you but with this level of surveillance you will never miss a beat with Nextblock Trading. Also, if you are interested in selling via OTC. Nextblock have the facilities to make direct introductions to some of the best trading desks in the world.

Can you find me investors?

Nextblock do not encourage that you “shill” your project to the community as that will result in a removal. Nevertheless, we do encourage sharing the latest developments, funding date and share general questions about your company. This has resulted in many investors investing or at least recommending to other investors. Nextblock members have raised millions in this space over the years and are always looking for new opportunities. If you have one, Nextblock is the best place to start.

Where do you get your research from?

Research is very different from short term trading opportunities. We have the top researchers to send reports directly to our member base. The beauty of the crypto industry is everyone is collectively working to a great goal. Sharing is caring and the top level research reports that use to only be available to the big financial institutions are now available to everyone through Nextblock.

What about the news?

Nextblock started as group that use to send a daily news report to our members. This got very repetitive and dull. Nextblock want to only bring our members the best and most important news available. We are currently working on a format with our writers to produce the most compact but useful daily segment in the crypto space.

How much is a membership?

Our membership is 600 EUR a year split into 4 quarters of 150 EUR.
Our lifetime membership (includes additional services) is 1 BTC this is for invited members only.

If you have paid for your membership but violate our rules you will be banned and not receive a refund.