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The Exclusive Network for Crypto & Blockchain Leaders


The exclusive network for the next generation of crypto and DLT leaders

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Nextblock is the platform for crypto entrpreneurs and investors to network, learn and grow.

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Community Network

Our members’ highlights include getting to know and doing business with other Nexblock members. To make this easy, we run our mailing list that allows our members to reach out to the community at anytime.

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Exclusive Events

Join our exclusive investor dinners, member luncheons, meetups, special rates and sponsorship opportunities for the best conferences in the world. Our network was built to help great people find great people.

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Additional Perks

Our perks include insights from industry leading companies, sponsorship opportunities, media partnerships, token listings, hiring support and access to our syndicate.


Mastermind Sessions

Masterminds are hand-picked groups of 4 to 6 Nextblock members. They meet once a month (offline or online, i.e. remotely) to review their professional and personal goals. These group discussions are facilitated by our professional coaches.


Membership Application

To join, we require an invitation from an existing member or an application approved by our board. 

Our waiting list for new members continues to grow, so we’ve added some rules:

We only admit new members once a month. Each applicant has to be referred by an existing Nextblock member. We exclusively accept a restricted % of applicants to preserve the quality of our community. Our annual membership fee is 600 EUR. (Mastermind Sessions are separate please email info@nextblock for details)

What is included in the membership?

  • Access to our global community

  • Access to exclusive events in major cities

  • Meet fellow members, founders and investors

  • Nextblock-exclusive member privileges

  • Solicitation-free experience

  • Member directory

  • Insights from the top minds in the industry