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Trading is an essential part of cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets. Nextblock have trading analysts monitoring the market on a daily basis finding the best trading opportunities and latest market moves.

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IEOs, ICOs, STOs and Early Stage Equity Deals. Nextblock find and get access to the best deals and share them with the network of members. Full analysis and breakdowns for every deal and exclusive access to some of the most promising private sales.


Research and gathering insights is a major factor in the crypto space. Nextblock have given members access to the best research providers that share reports and information using traditional valuation methods and economic principles, with concepts specific to decentralized systems.


This industry is all about connecting and meeting. Most conferences still follow a boring and traditional setup. This can be costly for attendees. Nextblock share only best conferences, events and meetups to our community. Including special rates, perks and more.


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