Nextblock is a global members-only community for the most ambitious changemakers in the DLT & crypto sector. 

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Masterminds are hand-picked groups of 4 to 6 Nextblock members. They meet once a month (offline or online, i.e. remotely) to review their professional and personal goals. These group discussions are facilitated by a professional coach.

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Collective List

Our members’ highlights include getting to know and doing business with other Nexblock members. To make this easy, we run our Collective List. This mailing list allows our members to reach out to the “collective brain” of our community at anytime.

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Our perks include investor events, member dinners, offline meetups at all the main conferences around the world, an annual retreat, hiring support and our service for members to buy & sell illiquid tokens.

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Membership Application

Our waiting list for new members grows steadily, so we’ve added some rules to make the process clearer.

We only admit new members once a quarter. Each applicant has to be referred by an existing NextBlock member. We exclusively accept a restricted % of applicants to preserve the quality of our community. 

If you’d like to apply for membership, please complete this form.